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About us

About us

Ismaa offers you a tailor-made solution to your private broadcasting backed with years of experience in the field of Audio. We install PA systems in Conference Halls, Auditoriums, Lecture theaters Places of Worship & Community Centers One of our talents is to develop Websites. Ismaa has gained ample experience in the field of Audio and Web streaming.

By combining both, Audio and Web streaming, Ismaa has put together a compact and affordable solution, so that you can realise your ambition to broadcast to the world from the comforts of your lounge.

You can broadcast to the world through the proficient WEB based radio system covering the Daily Service or Live School event. Our system offers wide bandwidth coupled with an excellent stability to cover the full Audio spectrum of that exclusive live event as a special lecture at your College by the world famous visiting personality. The system offered by Ismaa is lightweight and fairly portable.

Through its expertise, Ismaa offers you the freedom to broadcast. Is it very difficult…???? NO, it is not! Talk to us @ Ismaa to find out more how you can be an “Expert DJ” or “Radio Programme Host” for your own radio station …

One can easily start broadcasting on WEB based RADIO using only one Microphone for that ‘LIVE’ transmission experience

The one-stop solution for mosques and community centres

Want to reach out to your community or congregation? Ismaa provides you with the means to do so, a bespoke streaming service designed for your mosque or community centre.